1. These terms and conditions apply to any current and/or future work with GEM GROUP                                       

2. If GEM are contracted to undergo repair work and require to pick up materials off site this time is chargeable. In most cases GEM will order the materials to be delivered to site to maximize the use of labour. Delivery charges will be chargeable. (Most delivery fees are $15.00)

3. GEM staff use their mobile phones to take photo’s and report on the job. They also use their phones to call GEM management to discuss site details. (not on facebook) 

4. All known underground services are to be documented and given to Gem prior to any excavation.

5. Damaged underground services that are not identified by E-mail to GEM prior to commencement of work will be repaired at the clients cost.

6. Reinstatement of surfaces by others unless detailed in the scope of works.

7. Spoil removal from site unless noted otherwise

8. Any unforeseen item on site which changes or adds to the scope of works will be a variation to any quote.

9. Any verbal pricing given will be an estimate only. Fixed prices are to be quoted and are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

10. If no formal written quote is provided the charges are as per our rates.

11. The site should be clear and accessible so that GEM can access and work safely.

12. Annual Interest Rate applicable to late payments (adjusted weekly compounding) will be the rate fixed pursuant to Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983.) Costs incurred to recover any debt owed to Gem Group is to be reimburse by the client.   

13. Payment is due at the end of each job or day. Gem holds the right to receive progress payments as the job progresses.

14. GEM holds the right to stop works until a progress claim is received.

15. GEM holds the right to abandon site if the site/work area is unsafe and will return once the issue is remedied.

16. The client holds the right to cancel an hourly rate job at anytime and be billed for the current labour and materials.                                         


18. *Minimum charge $170+GST first 60minutes

19. *Additional time on site $85.00+GST per 60minutes per Tradesman. (Charged at 15min intervals)

20. *Labour/Apprentice $60.00+GST per 60minutes per man. (Charged at 15min intervals)    

21. *Materials are charge at cost +20% +GST

22. Surplus materials remain the property of GEM GROUP.